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Health Consultation For Aromatherapy

We are always busy in our lives, dealing with all kinds of problems, stress, etc., which can easily make us feel anxious and irritable. In many cases, illness is the result of a long period of depression, which, when stressed out, can lead to physical problems and emotional outbursts.

Of balmy therapeutics apply, there is recuperation effect in the life of modern, it can help body and heart bring cure cure effect, let tired mental state get better relax. It is a holistic treatment, taking into account the physical condition, psychological and emotional needs, as well as life and rest, dietary content and interpersonal relationships, using natural plant essential oils, basic oils and dewls to achieve a balanced and healthy healing of the body and mind.

Siddham provides one to one aromatherapy consultation services, with professional knowledge on how to use aromatherapy to regain your health in case of a medical condition, as well as advice on how to use it in daily life. Specific massage oils will be prepared according to the individual's physical and mental condition. We hope that you will understand true aromatherapy and use essential oils safely and correctly from a physiological and psychological point of view to understand the cause of disease.

We provide ~ aromatherapy health consultation services:
► Services include: one-on-one aromatherapy consultation
►Consultation Topics: Physical Pain, Discomforts, Insomnia, Light Sleep, Emotional Pressure Relief, Aromatherapy Health Care, Aromatherapy Beauty Maintenance, etc
►Special plus free service: plant card essential oil fragrance interpretation
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