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Essential Oil

The essential oil comes from the earth plants and is extracted from the aromatic compounds of the flowers, leaves, fruits, seeds, rhizomes and other parts of aromatic plants. These oils, which contain tiny aromatic molecules, are also likened to the essence and soul of plants. Essential oil, not only can send out rich aroma, but also has a variety of characteristics and functions, so it is often widely used in perfumes, cosmetics, food and other fields, but also the main raw materials of aromatherapy.

Essential oils have three main functions: skin, physiology and soul. For skin, it can delay aging, anti-wrinkle, whiten, moisturize skin, treat acne and so on. For some physiological diseases, such as: immune system, respiratory system, nervous system, urinary system, etc., can help relieve and reduce symptoms of the function. Used in daily life, it can purify air, disinfect and sterilize, and prevent some infectious diseases at the same time. It can also help improve sleep, reduce stress, ease mood, and increase pleasure levels.

The proportion of essential oil dose is very important. According to different ages, needs, and physical and emotional conditions, better efficacy can be obtained through deployment. Siddham will have a professional CFA aromatherapist to give you professional advice.

After a long day at work, use essential oils to relax and give yourself a break.

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