精油护手霜 Hand Lotion


All-natural lotion keeps the skin solf, smooth and healthy.


Introduction to Handicraft Workshop

"A space where you can experience hand-made
In the busy life, if you want to have a short rest time, can put down your mobile phone and stay away from the bombardment of information, then you should come to participate in the diy corner.
Allows you to temporarily put down your worries and enjoy the process of hand-made. Simple production steps can be easily completed by yourself.
Here you can listen to pleasant music, smell the fragrance of natural essential oils, enjoy every process, and then slowly finish the product with your own hands.
This will make you full of happiness and satisfaction!
It is also very suitable to make some gifts for people around you. It will be a very sincere gift. And the gifts made by hand are more valuable than other valuable gifts.
On holidays, you can also enjoy hand-made crafts in this comfortable environment with your confidants, which adds a lot of meaning to your holiday. "


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